Asimila Labs products aims to help entrepreneurs in developing their concepts and bring them to market on the following basis: concept development, product configuration and product testing.

Technology Roadmap

Technology Roadmap is a software that allows you to manage the process of bringing a product or service concept to market. Technology Roadmap has a set of interconnected activities to create, prospect and validate concepts according to three different layers of information: market motives, business motives and enabling technology. Technology Roadmap activities considers market pull and technology push methodologies, besides creating a comprehensive Gantt chart.

Project Assessment

Project Assessment is a software that allows entrepreneurs to receive mentorship in a geographically distributed manner. Project goals and phases are scrutinized based on maturity levels, establishing a communication between mentors and mentees. Entrepreneurs are able to invite mentors from all over the world and can publicize their projects through on shareable web links. Entrepreneurs receive valuable feedback and alternatives on how to move on.


Reckoning is software that bridges the gap between two mutually exclusive types of analysis: financial indicators and business plans. Reackoning focuses on reducing the information asymmetry between entrepreneurs and investors as well as predicts the market value of early-stage technology through real options. Reckoning puts special attention to the innovative components of the value proposition and place mentors in the center of negotiations between entrepreneurs and investors.


ASIMILA develops simple & intuitive cloud base tools that can be tested by entrepreneurs in their first project and from the second one, there is a small fee. The tools developed by ASIMILA contain comprehensive aids and examples in context with which substantially reduces the need for tutoring.
ASIMILA also develops tools based on third-party methodologies. The development can be financed either by the applicant or ASIMILA and a service contract is signed in which it is detailed the commercial exploitation of the tool, as well as when the tool will be available on ASIMILA platform. The applicant keeps always the property rights on the development.

Process Compass

There is a huge difference between making decisions on the fly and planning for imponderables. Process Compass is a planning agent for imponderables that enables service providers to reduce the risk of aggravation in case of accident, reduce uncertainty regarding service alternatives, increase the visibility on service status, increase the ability to serve large crowds and provide key performance indicators on service status. It is based on proximity and mobile data technology.

Single Out

Entrepreneurs should find the balance between introducing innovation to reduce the likely to be copied quickly and build products that are commercially viable for the market in which they compete. Single Out is a tool that helps entrepreneurs to find, develop and fine-tune their value proposition for the market where they compete by keeping track of what people ‘say’ in social networks, what people ‘write’ in printed & digital media and what people ‘make’ throughout intellectual.


Jingle Me is a software that allows entrepreneurs to create jingles for promoting their products and services. Jingles are created from the melodic adaptation (mix of chords) of two or more songs, producing a rhythm and melody completely independent of the first. Entrepreneurs can download the music clip for commercial purposes, paying the appropriate royalties to the authors of the opening chords.

Eloquence Compass

Eloquence Compass is a software that analyzes the imitation of the narrative you do from a videotaped event. The software will tell you if the intonation and timing of your voice is adequate compared to the initial narrative. The software is very useful for entrepreneurs that needs to practice their pitch, learn to modulate their voice and achieve a smooth narrative. Future versions of the software would target infrastructural issues of the narrative such as coherence of ideas.


ASIMILA comes from Latin word ‘assimilāre’ and means the comprehension and ‘incorporation’ of knowledge to recurring activities.

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Technological entrepreneurship has been identified as an efficient way to higher profit & income because, it is not only complex enough to drag various economic sectors but also, it has an enormous impact in  consumption patterns, creating new needs and market sophistication. However, technological entrepreneurship requires more than enthusiasm and money; it requires having the ability to integrate knowledge, unprecedented skills, multidisciplinary coordination as well as knowledge sharing in open basis. Therefore, the role of ASIMILA is to provide tools to develop technology-based products and  services to “any” entrepreneur and by “any”, we mean to every individual regardless of his or her level of knowledge.

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